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These are some of the Companies, Networks and Distributors with whom we have worked together. The collaboration extends even beyond 150 individual pharmacies.

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The first Academy in Italy dedicated to Pharmacist Managers of today and tomorrow


What is ABS Pharmacy?

It is a school of business and company strategies for the pharmacy. It helps the owner to grasp ideas and insights to structure himself effectively both in business management and in the strategies to be undertaken to have the right positioning and the right profitability in a constantly evolving market.

Why a new pharmacy management academy?

Being a pharmacist owner today means having the ability to intuit new business models, their strategic evolutions, their duration, having the courage to change method and approach. Managing your own pharmacy today requires an increasingly refined competence in business management processes, analytical and strategic skills, an excellent relationship with collaborators who are first of all colleagues and excellent management of the complex relationship with customers, undisputed heritage of the company.


To train the owners of today and tomorrow through a path of seven modules in which all the different functional areas of the pharmacy-company will be touched upon with the support of excellent speakers, with proven and ten-year operational experience in the field.

A personalized path on the individual pharmacy. Indeed, each pharmacy has its own solution.

Who is it for?

To all pharmacy owners and managers, whether they already have experience or are at the beginning of their career. This is because the Academy focuses on a new method, which those who begin the adventure of owner can immediately put into practice. On the other hand, those who are already managing a pharmacy will be able to improve their performance.

Furthermore, the course aims to train a new figure "THE COORDINATOR OF THE STORE MANAGER", a position sought by the new pharmacy chains.


III Session : The Pharmacy Marketing Plan

I Session : The management of numbers

II Session : Purchasing and warehouse management

How to do a SWOT analysis in the pharmacy, positioning and planning of the Marketing plan.

Speakers Luigi Corvi and Paolo Infortuna

​Through expert accountants in the pharmacy sector, we will analyze the reading of the financial statement, how to make the Budget in the pharmacy and how and when to do the management control. Practical part in the classroom.

Speaker: Stefano Beltrame

How to manage purchases, to have the right margin without weighing down the warehouse, inventory management.

Speakers Alessandro Benassi and Davide Rampino

IV Session : The motivation and the incentive of the staff in the Pharmacy

V Session : The negotiation. The technique of the Charisma

V Session : The management of collaborators and family members in the pharmacy

We will learn the art of negotiation, through some persusion techniques.

We will learn how to have charisma.

Speaker: Emanuele Maria Sacchi

How to manage collaborators in the pharmacy, who first of all are colleagues.
The management of older and more experienced colleagues.
The management of family members in the pharmacy

Speaker: Cristina Rota 

How to motivate the team, how to reward the team. The gate-based incentive system.

Speakers: Paolo Infortuna and Sara Tramannoni


VII Session : The future of the Italian pharmacy

We will analyze the changes of scenarios in recent years and how the pharmacy will evolve over the next 5 years.

We will see what opportunities there will be for pharmacies and pharmacists

Speaker: Special Guest and Paolo Infortuna



The academy will take place in Bologna in via Guido Reni 2/2 Palazzo Godoli.


€ 4,000.00 for customers without convention

€ 3,000.00 for Unifarco

€ 2,500.00 for Specialized Pharmacy

Download the registration form, fill it in and send it to


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